Food Service

BPI supplies the European food service market with high quality products from our partners all over the world. We are always on the lookout for the best products for our customers and strive to make the supply chain from suppliers to customers as short and efficient as possible.

In BPI, we have developed a product range of fully cooked poultry products of highest quality, which we import directly from our most trusted partners worldwide.

We prioritize engaging in trusted partnerships with our customers in order to meet and know their demands. We offer all products within our existing assortment and if you have special demands, we are more than happy to assist in developing or finding the right products at competitive prices.

Fully Cooked Poultry From Thailand

We import a product range of fully cooked poultry products from our partner in Thailand. We have all our products in stock and are always ready to deliver whenever needed.

Chilean Lamb

Chilean lamb is among the world’s finest. The animals are born and raised in the Andes where they enjoy a strict diet consisting of fresh water, clean air and juicy, delicious grass, making the meat tender and tasteful.

BPI imports lamb from one of the leading producers Frigo Simunovic.

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