Food For Thought

Since the foundation by Ole M. Hansen in 2003, BPI has undergone a tremendous development. The company started as a pure bulk trading business, mainly focusing on poultry, and with customers primarily located in Europe.  
However, within a short period of time, BPI broadened its scope considerably. Today, BPI is a key player in the international meat business, with activities in a variety of niches all across the globe.  
We trade mainly beef, pork, veal, lamb and poultry from leading suppliers worldwide - to customers worldwide. 

High Quality - Competitive Prices  
To us, the highest quality at the most competitive prices is not limited to the product. Rather, it is a core principle all through the production chain; from the initial sale to final distribution at your door. We want to make sure you get exactly what you ordered - exactly when you need it. 

Competence, Trust, Commitment and Service 
Four words that sum up the core values of BPI. Our employees have years of experience in the international industry and continuously monitor and analyze the market for special cuts and bargains for the benefit of our esteemed partners and customers. 
Whether you buy small or large quantities, for production, catering or retail, your order is of utmost importance to us. 

Environmental Responsibility 
At BPI, we believe that competitive prices and on-time delivery do not imply ethical compromises. It is very important for us, that our suppliers have a company policy concerning environmental safety and animal welfare.
Therefore, we guarantee that all our suppliers take an active step towards creating the best conditions for their animals.