Chilean Lamb

Chilean lamb is amongst the world’s finest. The animals are born and raised in the Andes where they enjoy a strict diet consisting of fresh water, clean air and juicy, delicious grass, making the meat tender and tasteful.

BPI is importing lamb from one of the leading producers Frigo Simunovic.


We are working together with some of the leading salmon producers in Denmark and Norway and therefore we offer a wide variety of chilled or frozen salmon products: cold smoked, hot smoked and portions - just to name a few.

All products can be customized to meet the exact demands of our customers. In addition, we offer both branded and private label products.


Chick'n'Quick is the easy option for a low fat, nutritious meal. Delicious chicken pre-roasted for your convenience.  

It comes in different sorts, e.g. sticks and breasts without skin.

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