BPI FOODSERVICE – we walk the extra mile

BPI deliver products to a valued network of customers within the Foodservice industry throughout Scandinavia and Europe. We are delighted to contribute in creating joyful meals all around the professional kitchens on a daily basis.

We offer products in our own brands, we have the rights to sell and distribute other companies’ strong brands, due to many years of market knowledge. Lastly, we deliver products for other wholesalers and production companies’ private label.

We purchase from carefully selected EU-approved suppliers in Asia and Europe, and we have many years of trusted partnerships with our suppliers.

At BPI, we are proud to have a team of Purchasing Specialists, knowing each and every detail of our trusted suppliers’ value chain. Moreover, many years in the industry, both purchasing and selling, makes us a stable, preferred and reliable partner.

Our strong partnership with production partners, allow us to implement consumer demands in our suppliers production process. Therefore, BPI are able to offer innovative products, reflecting our valued customers’ demands.

Our Purchasing Specialists are extremely proactive in imposing stringent demands on our suppliers. In close collaboration with suppliers, BPI raise the bar of requirements within food safety, production conditions and animal welfare.

Local presence and quotas to import directly

We are one of the few Scandinavian importers locally present in the country of production. Our local office ensures unannounced quality control of our production partners, which is also supplemented by internationally recognized accreditation agencies. We have EU permits and quotas to import directly from Asia, thus, we are not dependent on trading through other foreign importers.

Our main product categories are:

• Processed and raw poultry
• Cheese
• Pork
• Lamb
• Vegan products
• Vegetarian products

BPI brands – poultry category

We proudly present a price-differentiated range of products in our own two poultry brands:

Ready Chef Cheese:  

We offer a great variety of cheese, especially applicable to pizza, burger, sandwich, lasagna, toast, and buffets. Both loaves, sliced, shredded and big chunks are available.

Distribution and sales of others brands

Private label products:

Our quotas to import directly from Asia gives us the advantage of being able to deliver food to not only the Foodservice segment, but also wholesale and production companies. BPI are proud to distribute a wide range of frozen poultry to European wholesalers and production companies.


BPI has the sales and distribution rights for the well-known English vegetarian and vegan brand Quorn, which we sell to Danish Foodservice partners and Retail super markets.

Quorn is packed with delicious, nutritious protein. Quorn products contain Quorn mycoprotein, a naturally occurring super protein that’s good for you and the planet.

Our company is credit worthy according to Bisnode's credit assessment system that is based on a number of decision rules. This credit rating is updated on a daily basis, and always shows the current rating and date.