Welcome to the world of BPI

- Food Trading Worldwide -


BPI A/S is a FMCG trading company specialized in purchasing and selling food from the world’s leading producers to customers all over the globe.

Our product range is wide: we offer poultry, dairy, pork, lamb, beef, fish, vegetarian and vegan products, ready-meals and dry goods – and we proudly offer a range of BPI branded products as well.


In trading, presence is essential. With branch offices in Europe, Balkan, South America and Asia, BPI has the necessary expertise and in-depth knowledge of the markets to find and deliver what our customers need – at the most competitive prices. Our traders and back office staff are the foundation of BPI. They know their markets and are committed to giving our clients the best service and experience every single time. Not only do they purchase and sell food at competitive prices – they are a part of the entire process such as negotiating contracts, handling shipping affairs and payments. To receive our latest offers, please get in touch with us today. We have goods ready for prompt shipment – to a port near you.

Competence, trust, commitment and service – four words that sum up the core values of BPI.

Competence is key in BPI. Our employees are highly specialized in trading with all types of food products – to all sorts of customers including wholesalers, retail, catering, manufacturing etc. Whenever we do business, it is of utmost importance that our customers trust us to deliver the best quality at the most competitive prices. We are always committed to delivering the best service no matter what you buy.