In BPI, we believe that competitive prices and on-time delivery do not imply ethical compromises. As we operate in the food industry with many global suppliers, and deal with increasing demands from both suppliers and buyers, securing compliance with ethical and international standards for human and animal rights is of great importance to BPI.

We follow the 10 guiding principles of the UN Global Compact and we guarantee that all suppliers comply with our Code of Conduct throughout the entire supply chain.

If you want to know more, please find our Code of Conduct here.

European Chicken Commitment

At BPI we are continually working to improve animal welfare for chickens. Starting from 2021 we have been able to supply chicken that lives up to the European Chicken Commitment (ECC), given that the demand is high enough. Due to structural conditions in Thailand, where the chickens are produced, it is possible that the better stunning procedure will be implemented at a later point – no later than the first of January 2026, given that demand is strong enough.

So far we have managed to commit our trusted partners in Thailand to keep commit to the ECC and even gone futher. Read all about our ECC and BPI+ STANDARDS here


You can learn more about ECC by pressing here, or by typing this following URL in to your browser: https://welfarecommitments.com/europeletter/